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Why Do You Need a Skilled Manhattan Real Estate Attorney When Looking for Your Dream Home?

Avenue Law Firm | Experienced Manhattan Condo Real Estate Attorney | New York City Condominium Lawyers

Residents of New York City have a wealth of housing options available to them:  from condominiums, co-ops, and apartments, to single-family homes. Whether you are in Manhattan or the Hamptons, you will find no shortage of options when looking for a place to live. As a resident of the most iconic area of the country, you are likely looking for a needle in a haystack – a home that fit your family’s lifestyle and budget all in some of the most expensive zip codes in the country.  Though condominiums are a popular housing choice, it is important to understand that they differ from other types of property when it comes to real estate law. As New York City is home to thousands of condominium buildings, it is likely that you will come across this type of property if you are looking to buy a home.

If you are selling your condominium, you will need to understand what makes your home different and how to legally navigate the selling process. Though condominiums are a specific type of real estate, it is beneficial to have a real estate attorney on your side no matter what kind of property you are looking to buy or sell.

At Avenue Law Firm, we work closely with our clients to help in achieving their real estate goals whether they are a buyer or a seller. We may be able to assist in your real estate transactions regardless if it’s a residential or commercial purchase or sale.

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What to Expect When Buying a Condo in the NYC Real Estate Market

Looking for your dream condominium can be a very exciting prospect. However, in the competitive Manhattan real estate market, there are some important points you need to keep in mind before committing to a specific property.

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Avenue Law Firm’s team of experienced legal professionals is with you every step of the way. We have dedicated our practice to helping our clients receive the best legal representation every step of the way. If you need legal assistance with real estate law, personal injury law, and business law in New York, contact us to today.

Assess the Property Carefully Before Initiating Any Real Estate Transactions

Many people mistakenly believe that condominiums are automatically well cared for and in good shape. Though one would hope this to be true, a condominium can often be just as run-down or outdated as a single-family home or an apartment. Before you sign any documents of any kind, be sure to assess the property. Look at the integrity of the roof, walls, ceilings, floors, etc. Observe any mold, bugs, or damage in the unit, and open and close windows to ensure that they are functioning. This may seem straightforward, but it is essential to know the state of the unit before you draw up the papers. 

If they do not, there can be a sea of legal battles later on, and the whole thing can turn into a huge headache. A Manhattan real estate attorney from Avenue Law Firm can help assess your contracts and compare their contents with your experience in the home. If redrafts need to be made before signing, we can help you with that process too.

Review your Real Estate Documents Carefully to Avoid Lease Disputes

Because condos are often run by associations or a board rather than individuals, it is common for them to have their own team of experts or lawyers to help them navigate leasing contracts. However, this does not mean that their agreements would be fair to everyone involved. Their attorneys can easily take advantage of potential buyers and sellers if prospective buyers and sellers don’t have representation of their own to fight back. This makes hiring a real estate attorney even more essential. Without extensive knowledge of real estate law to understand your agreement and its terms, it is possible to be taken advantage of. What’s more, you are opening yourself up to potential contract disputes later on.

It’s better to have someone on your side who can review and understand your contract agreement. Seeking the help of a qualified Manhattan real estate lawyer will help you be better prepared if a problem arises in the future.

Our Avenue Law Firm real estate attorneys conduct due diligence on our client’s behalf. This entails careful scrutiny of contracts, titles, and agreements to make sure that all documents are legally binding. Your real estate attorney has a fiduciary duty to look out for your best interests and inform you if the agreement has any issues. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced New York City condominium lawyers.

Be Aware of your Responsibilities Regarding the Condominium Premises

In most cases, the condominium association is in charge of caring for common areas such as outdoor spaces, hallways, stairs, sidewalks, courtyards, etc. If the location has other amenities, the condominium association should also take care of its maintenance. However, sometimes associations operate on the assumption that condo tenants and owners will care for the property without having any legally binding obligation to do so. Make sure you ask about and see all amenities.

Your Avenue Law attorney can compare your account with the amenities listed in your contracts to be sure that you have access to them and that the association is responsible for their upkeep and maintenance. This way, if the association fails to keep up with maintenance, you have legal grounds for recourse. Contact Avenue Law Firm today to speak with one of our skilled NYC real estate attorneys.

Determine How Condominium Utilities Are Included in Your Contract

Another common aspect of condo contracts is utilities. Unlike a single-family home, condominiums often have certain utilities included or available through the association instead of the utility company. It is important to understand what your condo offers before you sign any contracts. You can get fined for neglecting to set up utilities or could pay too little to the association if you don’t realize which utilities they handle. Including who pays for the utilities in your consideration when looking for a condo to purchase can be a good idea depending on how you want to deal with your bills.

This kind of confusion opens you up to legal consequences in the future and can affect your credit standing as well. Your Avenue Law Firm lawyer will walk you through all of these details and will get you prepared to pay your bills correctly after you sign your contract.

We will also ensure that the condominium association’s policies are in line with the legal standards in Manhattan and ensure that you aren’t being financially taken advantage of.

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What to Expect When Selling a Condo in the New York Real Estate Market

Selling your condo presents unique challenges as well. Because you have a contract with the association, there are certain rules you must follow in order to sell. Failing to follow the protocol set forth in your agreement with the association could result in a sale falling through or even legal action from your condo association. What’s more, it is entirely possible to find a buyer who then does not fit the criteria set forth by the association, and your condo would have to remain on the market. Considering prorated HOA fees and other community obligations, the whole process can get complicated and drag out longer than you have time for.

Our real estate attorneys have helped in selling thousands of condos across Manhattan, Southampton, and Westchester. We can assist in drafting your sale contracts to be in line with your condominium’s standards and your contractual obligations. We will help you determine and abide by the guidelines you need to follow during the sale process. We are here to make sure the sale is conducted legally and with as little hassle as possible.

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Make Sure Everything is Prepared Before Closing

Before you enter the final part of your real estate transaction, you need to double-check that everything is in order. It will be very difficult to go back and change any part of the sale or purchase agreement once you have closed the deal. Any tax issues must also be settled or discussed before the closing is finalized. Title or deed issues will also need to be addressed before you can proceed with closing your new home.

Your real estate attorney should have already dealt with potential issues regarding the transaction through the due diligence process including, but not limited to, any potential liens, mortgage concerns, or insurance issues. An experienced attorney may even be able to negotiate any potential closing costs. If any issues arise, your lawyer should also be able to engage in real estate litigation on your behalf.

Our experienced NYC real estate attorneys at Avenue Law Firm have helped thousands of clients from the initial stages of their transactions up to closing. We can help you understand your rights and provide skilled legal representation should the transaction end up going to litigation.


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Hire an Experienced Manhattan Real Estate Attorney for your Condo Purchase or Sale

Buying or selling a condo in the state of New York is not for the faint of heart. There are lots of restrictions and guidelines that can complicate your contract and make it difficult to understand what you are getting into. The safest and most straightforward way to sell your property is with an Avenue Law Firm attorney on your side. We have worked hard to establish a reputable real estate law firm and have extensive experience in the New York markets. We know how to draft contracts that fit the best interests of our clients. We can assist you whether your transaction involves residential or commercial real estate.

With our entirely digital system and cutting-edge technology, we can make your purchase or sale process as simple as it can be. Protect your finances, your family, and your sanity, and contact Avenue Law Firm today.

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