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For many residents, Long Island represents an amazing combination of advantages. Within the driving distance of the core of the city, it still preserves our desire for freedom, space, and a place to call our own. The quiet enjoyment of the beaches, the access to the water, and the islands off the coast cannot be undervalued. Perhaps most importantly, all of it can be enjoyed without giving up access to the constant hum and grind of Manhattan.

Unfortunately, that relative quiet does not extend to the real estate market, which is subject to immense volatility and the shadow of the immense pressures of the Manhattan real estate market nearby. In this environment, it is necessary that you work to protect yourself, and Avenue Law Firm is here to shoulder that work for you.

Buying Property in Long Island

With the relatively high demand in the area, many sellers will try to leverage that volatility to take advantage of your position as a purchaser. These decisions could carry a huge financial risk. At each turn in developing contracts and negotiations, there are opportunities for additional costs, responsibilities, and liabilities. Your real estate agent is likely to try and aid you in this, but there are distinct legal and ethical limits on what they are allowed to say to their clients. Additionally, a real estate agent may lack the legal training to identify all the potential risks in a particular contract or dealing in the first place.
venue Law Firm will work to draft contracts and riders that protect you at every phase of the process.

Selling a Property in Long Island

Selling the place where you have lived is never a casual endeavor. The memories, the work, and the life that you put into the place will always stay with it and you deserve for these things to be valued accurately. In the Long Island real estate market, there are a panoply of rules and guidelines on selling different styles of homes and governing the expenses associated with selling your property. The attorneys at Avenue Law Firm will work with you to protect your ROI on your home by drafting contracts that protect you fully end to end.

Likewise, if you are selling property and are looking to get the most the market can offer, we can ensure the value of the property you are selling is accurate. We understand the complexities of long term strategies for property sales and will have your best interests in mind throughout the process.

Condos and Co-ops in Long Island

Condos and co-ops can present particularly difficult contracts for buyers and sellers in the Long Island area. Co-ops frequently have a long list of criteria for new residents, which poses a problem for those hoping to quickly move into their new homes. Whether your purchase is for yourself or to rent, understanding the criteria for occupancy is crucial. If either the buyer or seller is not prepared for these sorts of obstacles, these delays can easily run a previously smooth sailing deal aground. At Avenue Law Firm, we have extensive experience in negotiating these types of resident evaluations and can help to expedite the process by ensuring documentation is in order and by getting all parties on the same timetable regarding the evaluations. We understand the complexities of homeowner and condo associations, and we work to ensure your residency runs as smoothly as possible.
Another significant problem with co-op sales is that co-ops and condos frequently try to hold their residences accountable for aspects of the property that are by all rights the responsibility of the association. Knowing that you are on your way out, unscrupulous or inexperienced associations will attempt to saddle you with costs that do not belong to you. While careful reading on the part of the purchaser can prevent some of the difficulties, at its core, this is a job for an attorney. Often, just having an attorney from Avenue Law Firm present during a condo or co-op share purchase can prevent people from dealing unfaithfully. Likewise, a careful review of your paperwork can prevent you from running aground on any of these unknown caveats, costs, or upcharges

Long Island Real Estate Litigation

The goal of every person in real estate is to have their transactions run smoothly, make the highest return on investment, and to do so with the least amount of time investment possible. However, any time two or more parties come together with the goal of making or saving a great deal of money, there is the possibility that one of them will do something untoward (or even illegal) to achieve that goal. When this happens, bringing an attorney in after the fact can leave irreparable holes in documentation and fact gathering about the case, leaving you in a very poor position should you have to go to court. For these reasons, it is critical that you have a lawyer involved from day one on any Long Island real estate deals.
Having an Avenue Law Firm lawyer involved from the beginning ensures that your contracts and fact finding is in order before you need it. It also means that we can identify potentially problematic cases early and head off the need for litigation, getting individuals to settle out of court for lower cost than would have been incurred by less skilled hands. Regardless of what stage of the process you are in, should you need someone to represent you in court, you will find no more stalwart or capable defender in these matters than our firm.

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At Avenue Law Firm, assisting you with achieving your Long Island real estate goals is our priority. We are here to make sure that the balance between efficiency and expedience is struck at every step. Our fully digitized system helps us make certain that every part of the process is done as optimally and smoothly as possible, preserving your peace of mind. Our high-end and end-to-end legal services ensures our clients that any real estate transaction in Long Island is done with their best interests in mind.

For more information or to set up a consultation, contact Avenue Law Firm. We can discuss any ongoing or potential Long Island real estate transactions.