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For those who value a life with more relaxed and balanced priorities, Westchester is the place to be. Some of the residents of this beautiful part of New York have migrated from busy, stressed-out lives in the city to more peaceful, value-centered ones in Westchester. For others, Westchester has always been preferable to the city lifestyle. No matter what your situation is, living in Westchester is truly a privilege. The area is beautiful, the homes are high quality and spacious, and it is a great place to raise a family. Though the lifestyle is more laid back than the city’s, the real estate market in Westchester still has its dangers and pitfalls. If you aren’t careful,you can easily be taken advantage of or, worse, lose the financial foundation you have worked sohard to create.

Buying a Home In Westchester

f you are looking to buy a home in Westchester, it is important to enter the market prepared for the dangers that await buyers in the area. Though the community is not as central as some of the main boroughs, there is still a lot of money invested in the real estate market. Whenever a considerable amount of money is on the line, it is possible for things to go terribly wrong, and Westchester real estate is no exception. Contracts often benefit buyers or fail to disclose pertinent information. Your real estate agent, unfortunately, can only do so much to protect you from the dangers of home purchases.
These professionals are legally bound to a certain code of ethics and may not be able to steer youaway from a bad purchase. What’s more, real estate agents lack the legal experience to protect you from unreasonable contract clauses or predatory selling tactics. To be sure that your purchase is legally sound and in your best interest, you have to hire a real estate attorney from Avenue Law Firm.

Selling a Home In Westchester

The Westchester area is only growing in popularity. As people begin to realize the attraction of a slower lifestyle, many people are flocking from the inner city to the charming areas of Westchester county. If you are looking to sell your Westchester home, it is important to remember that you have an incredible asset on your hands, and it should be priced and marketed as such. Because sellers have the advantage in Westchester, you should ensure that you understand what your property is worth and ensure that your selling contracts reflect this. We at Avenue Law Firm can draft contracts for you that provide a maximum return on investment while remaining legally sound. This type of quality contract protects you from litigation and can ensure that your family and your investment payout are protected into the future

Houses and Property in Westchester County

Westchester is a unique market. The median value of owner-occupied homes here is over half a million dollars or about twice the national average. Housing costs for both owners and renters are also significantly above the national and state averages, and so is household income. Westchester’s 45 municipalities are also much more spread out than properties inside the city. New York city real estate lawyers who are used to conducting business in the metro area may not understand the particular ins and outs of residential real estate in Westchester.

Unlike some areas of the city, there are many more opportunities to buy or sell single-family homes in Westchester county. These are unique investments and need to be handled by an experthand. While condos and co-ops relieve the homeowner of many maintenance responsibilities, theresponsibility is entirely on their shoulders in a house. This means that any defects or malfunctions in any area of the home represent a significant liability to your investment, especially if they are not properly cared for. Real estate agents do not have the full ability to protect their clients from damaged homes, whereas we at Avenue Law Firm can create contracts and clauses that protect you from liability for damage that wasn’t your fault.

If a home has a faulty plumbing system or dangerous roof, concessions need to be made in the buying contract to account for this. These concessions can be either in the form of a price reduction or a requirement of maintenance before the home is sold. You’d be surprised how often house sales go wrong, and it is essential to have your Avenue Law Firm attorney with you to mitigate any possible damage to your investments.

Do I Need An Attorney For My Westchester Home?

Whether you are buying or selling a home, it is in your best interest to hire a good real estate attorney to represent your interests. As we mentioned, real estate agents are limited as to what they can do, and they often cannot protect you from harm if part of the sale goes south. Furthermore, there areserious and binding contracts involved in the buying and selling of property, and it can be tiring and confusing to decipher it alone.

By hiring a real estate attorney, you are investing in your own best interest and providing protection and peace of mind to the real estate process. Though the state of New York does not legally require real estate transactions to be facilitated by an attorney, it is almost always in your best interest to hire one. The investment in legal advice and protection is well worth it in the end and can even save you money on contract costs.

Retaining legal counsel before you enter any real estate deal is a wise move. A qualified real estate attorney can be an invaluable asset for dealing with a variety of situations in the Westchester market:

  • Selling
  • Buying
  • Leasing
  • Document preparation
  • Contracts
  • Building codes
  • Property disputes
  • Litigation

An attorney for your Westchester real estate is crucial, considering the market’s current volatility. However, even in a stable market, understanding the delicate balance of real estate in this area means having an established real estate attorney for any transaction.

Westchester Real Estate Litigation

In some cases, a real estate transaction hits a legal roadblock that requires litigation. This occurs more often than you may think and is a headache to deal with. However, if you hire an attorney at the beginning of the process, you can be sure that you are doing everything that you can to avoid courtroom battles. If you have an attorney on your side and your case does end up in litigation, you have an expert with you who thoroughly understands your situation and can accurately argue your case. No matter how you spin it, hiring an Avenue Law Firm attorney for your real estate transaction provides strong protection to your family and your investment.

Westchester has a history of complex real estate disputes ending up in court. In 2009, Westchester County settled a case with the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, which required the county to build 750 affordable housing units. Additionally, the county government maintains a Department of Planning, which has separate branches involved in everything from land use to housing and environmental planning. When you need to take a real estate matter to court in Westchester, there can be a lot of unexpected layers and details that can only be successfully navigated by an experienced, local legal team such as Avenue Law Firm.

How Much Does a Real Estate Lawyer Cost in Westchester?

Because it’s so close to New York City, there is a lot of overlap between the lawyers operating in the Westchester and NYC areas. For this reason, the rates for real estate lawyers in the Westchester area are comparable to those of city lawyers.

For a typical real estate transaction in the greater New York City area, a lawyer’s closing costs can be anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000. Complex deals, or situations involving a lot of time spent in court, can cost significantly more. Don’t cut corners on quality representation. Budgeting for good legal counsel is an essential factor in your overall real estate investment.

We at Avenue Law Firm have been serving the Westchester community for many years. With extensive experience in the New York real estate market, we can provide you with a level of expertise that other firms just can’t match. We operate digitally, which conserves your valuable time and allows you real-time access to your documents and legal representation. We are also at the forefront of technology when it comes to assessing real estate and understanding your options. We take pride in our work and our community and can help you navigate your Westchester real estate experience from cradle to grave. To schedule a consultation or learn more, contact us online today.

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