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The complexities of buying or selling a condominium can be overwhelming. The Avenue Law Firm specializes in real estate transactions involving condos. We work hand in hand with our clients to ensure their rights are protected and the condo closing process is as smooth as possible.


Are you considering selling or purchasing a home? The Avenue Law Firm stays updated on current market trends throughout the city as well as the United States. Our firm is specially trained to handle the full lifecycle of real estate transactions to ensure our clients receive the best possible options for purchasing or selling a home.


The buying and selling processes can be complicated, and many people feel overwhelmed as they traverse the details of a home closing. This is especially true for those buying into or selling their share of a Co-Op home. Co-Ops are a wonderful option for many people, but it can be difficult to navigate the laws that surround this unique kind of property. If you are considering buying into a co-op or are ready to sell your portion, it is essential that you have a real estate attorney working with you.


Commercial properties require special attention for real estate transactions, and the legal professionals at The Avenue Law Firm we have a thorough understanding of all aspects of commercial real estate and the laws and practices that pertain to it. Whether you own a commercial property or are looking to buy, sell, or lease one, our real estate attorneys can help you through the process

The Avenue Law Firm Difference

At Avenue Law Firm, we provide legal services like no other. Our cutting-edge, innovative practice helps the best and brightest of the East Coast buy and sell the homes of their dreams. We reject our competitors’ old, outdated practices and opt for streamlined, VIP service for all our guests. This is the 21st century, and real estate moves quickly, which is why we work fast. All of our business is done digitally, so you have access to what you need 24 hours a day, and there is no time wasted on paper documents or time-waste meetings. We keep up with the local markets in a way that no other firm can, to make sure that your purchase or your sale is in your best interest.

The Avenue Law Firm Difference

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Purchasing or selling real estate is an exciting time for most people. Because homes represent such a large investment, it is important to have a team of attorneys on your side to review your contracts, settle disputes, and meet document deadlines. The real estate markets in Manhattan, Westchester, and Southampton are competitive, and it is easy to get lost without proper legal advice. You don’t want to be left in the dark.


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We’ll stick with you every step of the way and work diligently to make sure your real estate experience is advantageous for you and your family. If any aspect of your purchase or sale should end up in a courtroom, we will have the expertise and background to cover your case with ease.

Don’t go into a real estate transaction without an attorney, and don’t choose an attorney who is stuck in the past. Move forward with your property goals by choosing Avenue Law Firm. We look to the future and keep your best interests at heart every step of the process.