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Information technology law is a crucial component of the modern economy. With so much commerce unfolding in digital spaces today, business owners require the legal support they need to manage complex information technology concerns. If you intend to start a business in the technology sector, use licensed technology produced by other businesses, or are engaged in any digital commerce, a Manhattan IT attorney is an invaluable asset for your company.

Avenue Law Firm has a team of experienced information technology attorneys who may be able to help you deal with the legal issues surrounding information technology.

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Representing Manhattan Information Technology Cases

Information technology law focuses on the legal issues that often arise when companies interact with digital mediums, develop new technologies, or license, sell, or acquire digital information and digital services and products. A Manhattan IT lawyer can help their client answer questions regarding digital intellectual property, licensing, products, software, technology transfers, and eCommerce. Your Manhattan IT attorney can also assist you in legally navigating complex digital transactions.

The Avenue Law Firm offers comprehensive legal representation for a wide range of IT-related legal matters to Manhattan clients. We understand that many business owners rely on various forms of technology for their day-to-day operations and to ensure their companies’ growth, but they may not fully understand the technical nuts and bolts of the technology they use or the legal implications of specific interactions. Our goal is to provide detailed guidance that enables business owners to avoid many controversies that often arise in modern IT. However, when those issues do arise, we can provide the legal counsel necessary to navigate them effectively.

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Avenue Law Firm’s team of experienced legal professionals is with you every step of the way. We have dedicated our practice to helping our clients receive the best legal representation every step of the way. If you need legal assistance with real estate law, personal injury law, and business law in New York, contact us to today.

Why Do I Need a Manhattan IT Attorney?

You may require legal counsel from a Manhattan IT lawyer if you are a user or a provider of any information technology. Startup companies, large enterprises, and multinational corporations all have unique concerns regarding IT, and legal counsel is often necessary for ensuring a business’s IT practices are both legal and future-proof. It’s also vital to make informed decisions regarding IT to minimize commercial risk and ensure the growth and profitability of a business.

Attempting to navigate any legal dispute regarding your company’s information technology can be incredibly challenging without legal counsel. Your current dispute may pertain to several areas of law, including commercial litigation, contract disputes, intellectual property law, and even criminal statutes regarding data security. Whatever your situation entails, a Manhattan IT attorney can provide the guidance and support you need to handle the issue as efficiently as possible and safeguard your organization’s future.

How Can a Manhattan IT Lawyer Help Me?

You can rely on the team at Avenue Law Firm to provide a wide range of legal services related to your organization’s information technology, including:

  • IT purchase agreements. If you need to purchase software, hardware, or any other IT assets for your organization, a Manhattan IT attorney can assist you in structuring your purchase agreement or developing a licensing contract.
  • Software as a service (SaaS) agreements. Many software developers provide their applications on a subscription basis, and cloud computing service providers use similar contracts for their customers. If you have any legal dispute regarding SaaS or an ongoing IT service with a provider, your Manhattan IT lawyer can assist you in arranging an appropriate service contract or in resolving any disputes regarding your IT service contracts.
  • Third-party agreements. Modern IT services between multiple parties typically require carefully structured contracts. For example, hosting agreements, IT hardware and software support, systems integrations, and various other matters will require tailored contracts. A Manhattan IT attorney can review a contract proposed by a business partner and assist you in developing a new IT service contract with one or more other parties.
  • Consulting agreements. If your business relies on consulting services, you need to have solid contracts in place to manage these services and ensure you receive appropriate value. Our team can construct a consulting agreement carefully, so all parties’ rights and responsibilities are outlined clearly.
  • Commercialization. If you want to capitalize on your information technology products and services, you must commercialize them legally and effectively. Avenue Law Firm can assist with licensing agreements and intellectual property rights for the IT you have developed in-house.
  • Intellectual property rights. If you built your business using your intellectual property, it’s vital to protect it in the most robust fashion possible. Our team can assist you with establishing intellectual property rights and help you navigate any legal disputes that may arise regarding the intellectual property you control.
  • User data security. If you manage user data from your customers, it is vital to have appropriate data security measures to prevent a data breach. Some companies have faced liability for data breaches, exposing their customers’ information in unauthorized ways. We can help you arrange appropriate data security for user data and provide legal guidance in the event your company experiences any data breach.
  • Data transfers. Sometimes companies will need to transfer large amounts of digital data, and they must follow precise procedures. If you have acquired another company or merged, you may need to arrange for a large-scale data transfer. During these procedures, it’s vital to have legal guidance to ensure your data remains as secure as possible and appropriate ownership rights to the data are transferred legally.
  • eCommerce. Selling products and services online can enable your business to reach a wider audience and grow tremendously. Avenue Law Firm can assist you with developing legal agreements relating to eCommerce, website hosting, development, and various legal issues that may arise concerning your eCommerce capabilities.
  • Software development. If you intend to create new software, you must acknowledge various legal standards as well as other legal requirements for this kind of process. Our team can assist with new software development and the revision of open-source software for your business purposes. Your software development strategy could potentially require addressing various issues regarding licensing, development policies, risk mitigation, and licensing agreements.
  • IT contract disputes. If you have contractual arrangements with service providers regarding your information technology, disputes may arise whenever a signing party believes another party has violated the terms of their contract. It’s also possible for IT contract disputes to arise when unforeseen circumstances manifest that materially influence the terms of the standing agreement. Whether you need to draft a new IT contract of any kind, amend an existing IT contract, or resolve a dispute with a current contract, Avenue Law Firm has the contract experience necessary to guide you through the case quickly and efficiently.

A business owner may encounter countless IT-related legal issues, and it is not always clear how to approach these issues effectively. Avenue Law Firm provides client-focused legal counsel in the IT law cases we accept. Our firm will take the time to learn as much as we can about you and your company so that we fully understand the unique details of the legal situation you currently face.

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It was great working with Petro. He was always available to meet or speak on the phone, answer questions, solve problems and negotiate effectively on our behalf. Petro is extremely buttoned up and detail oriented. I felt completely confident working with him.
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Sasha B.
Hired Petro in representing me in business transaction. From start till finish he acted in a very professional manner. Was able to negotiate for me a better deal than originally agreed to. I would highly recommend him.
I worked with Petro on my Medical office commercial lease in manhattan, which involved a lot of details and tricks which he was well aware off and was able to help me sign the lease with minimal hassle and most protection for me. Highly recommend Mr.Petro as a great real estate attorney.
Tom D.
AMAZING LAWYER!! Easy and smooth to work with, very prompt in responding to any questions. Highly recommended.

What to Expect From Your Manhattan IT Attorney at Avenue Law Firm

Choosing the right Manhattan IT lawyer to represent you is an important investment in your company. If you need legal counsel to navigate a complex legal issue regarding information technology in any way, it’s vital to select the best representation. Avenue Law Firm has a keen understanding of the legal issues common in modern IT and extensive experience handling complex legal issues facing business owners in Manhattan. In addition, the IT issue you currently face will likely involve other aspects of your operation, and you need comprehensive legal counsel to help you address the multifaceted aspects of your case.

Avenue Law Firm takes a client-focused approach to every case we accept. Most of the IT-related cases we handle are related to contracts, and having an experienced attorney assist you with your contracts is a wise investment for your business. No matter what type of agreements you must develop for your company, we will assist you in every phase of the contract development process. If any disputes arise, our team can assist you in handling them as effectively as possible while disrupting your operation as minimally as possible.

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Should you hire Avenue Law Firm, you can rest assured that you are getting top rated legal representation every step of the way. We know how important it is to understand your rights and responsibilities in every transaction, and we are here to help.  Call us today if you need legal assistance or advice in regards to real estate transactions, personal injury law, or business law.

Information Technology Law Firm That Offers the Legal Services You May Need

Manhattan has a thriving economy with lots of potential for many different types of businesses, but almost every business will have unique concerns regarding the technology they use every day. So, whether you’re using entirely proprietary technology developed fully in-house, licensing IT hardware and software, or developing IT agreements of any kind, legal guidance you can trust is a critical asset for navigating the modern business world successfully.

Avenue Law Firm has years of experience representing clients in Manhattan in a wide range of cases, including those pertaining to modern IT. As a result, we have a firm understanding of the various legal issues that might arise regarding your company’s IT. As a result, we can provide legal representation and ongoing support to empower your company’s growth. If you need to speak with a Manhattan IT attorney about any issue regarding the technology your company uses, we can help.

Contact the Avenue Law Firm today at (212) 729-4090 to schedule a consultation with our team and learn more about the legal services we offer.

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