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New York City is home to one of the country’s biggest and most competitive commercial real estate markets in the world. There are thousands of commercial properties zoned for all types of business operations in Manhattan, offering vast opportunities to business owners and commercial property investors. Whether you are interested in purchasing a classic neighborhood storefront property or looking for a larger commercial real estate development, the right attorney is an invaluable asset for your impending commercial real estate transaction.

Legal Counsel for Manhattan Commercial Real Estate Transactions

An experienced Manhattan commercial real estate attorney is an invaluable asset if you wish to navigate the local real estate market with confidence and peace of mind. Avenue Law Firm has years of experience guiding clients through difficult residential and commercial real estate transactions throughout the boroughs of NYC. Manhattan, in particular, is widely regarded as the heart of New York City, and there are countless commercial properties of all sizes in the borough. We can help you find the perfect commercial property for your business in Manhattan or guide you through the process of purchasing or selling an investment property.

Our team provides client-focused legal counsel in every case we accept. For example, while there is no strict legal requirement to hire an attorney to represent you in a Manhattan commercial property transaction, the local custom in New York City is for both parties in a real estate transaction to be represented by counsel. Mutual access to legal counsel allows both parties to approach the case with a greater understanding of the details and access to professional legal guidance when needed.

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Avenue Law Firm’s team of experienced legal professionals is with you every step of the way. We have dedicated our practice to helping our clients receive the best legal representation every step of the way. If you need legal assistance with real estate law, personal injury law, and business law in New York, contact us to today.

Common Issues in the Manhattan Commercial Real Estate Market

Every localized real estate market in the United States faces unique challenges and opportunities. When it comes to Manhattan, the borough is home to one of the most competitive and volatile commercial real estate markets in the world. Navigating the complexities of even a seemingly straightforward transaction will be incredibly difficult without experienced legal counsel advising you. Without an attorney who knows the local commercial real estate market, it could take quite a long time to find the type of property you need and find one in the right location from a reputable seller.

Unfortunately, due to the sheer volume of the commercial real estate market in Manhattan, scams and fraud are potential risks for any investor in the area. Your Manhattan real estate attorney will help you thoroughly review the credentials of the other party in your transaction. If you are purchasing a property, your attorney will ensure the seller’s documentation is complete and accurate. If you are selling, your attorney will verify the buyer is capable of delivering on their end of the deal and upholds any regulatory obligations they hold under New York state law.

What Can a Manhattan Commercial Real Estate Lawyer Provide in My Transaction?

Completing a commercial real estate transaction in Manhattan is technically possible without legal counsel. However, you would likely encounter many challenges you do not know how to properly address if you tried to do this. Your Manhattan commercial real estate attorney can provide valuable insights no matter what your transaction might entail.

You can count on your real estate agent to an extent, but they may not be able to provide all of the information you require to make a fully informed decision regarding your commercial real estate transaction in Manhattan. For example, some real estate agents face professional, ethical constraints that prevent them from divulging certain details about some properties; others simply lack the legal and financial background to provide their clients with complete information about commercial property.

The Avenue Law Firm has years of experience helping our clients through difficult commercial property transactions in Manhattan and the other boroughs of New York City. Our firm offers VIP treatment and boutique-level service to every client we represent.

Some of the services we provide for your commercial real estate transaction in Manhattan include:

  • Thorough property research. Our team can not only help you narrow down your options when you’re looking for commercial real estate in Manhattan. We’ll also conduct deep dives into the ownership records and legal details of every prospective property you consider. This helps to highlight potential legal issues with properties before committing to purchases.
  • Lien-related issues. Some commercial properties may have liens attached to them due to the actions of previous owners. Your Manhattan commercial real estate attorney can be an invaluable asset when it comes to resolving any issues with the ownership record of a commercial property.
  • Zoning. If you plan to purchase commercial real estate for a specific business purpose in New York City, you must ensure the property has been properly zoned for your intended use. Avenue Law Firm can help you find properties that meet your zoning requirements and/or assist you in obtaining zoning permits for specific business operations.
  • Contract drafting and contract review. Contracts are central to every commercial property transaction in New York City. Our team can help you draft a contract to present to a buyer or seller, review commercial leasing agreements, and we can review contracts provided to you by other parties. In addition, our firm can draft, amend, revise, and review any contracts your transaction entails.
  • Closing. Finalizing your commercial property transaction may be more complex than you initially expected. Your Manhattan commercial real estate lawyer can help you navigate the closing processes your transaction entails, including all the administrative requirements, such as filing purchase agreements with the appropriate local agencies.
  • Litigation. Some commercial real estate disputes can escalate to civil claims for damages. If you need comprehensive legal representation for real estate litigation in Manhattan, the Avenue Law Firm is ready to provide the counsel you need to approach the situation with more confidence and understanding.

The right Manhattan commercial real estate attorney is an invaluable asset and resources no matter what your commercial property transaction entails. Whether you’re buying or selling a commercial property in Manhattan, our team will take the time to get to know you and learn your goals and intentions for the transaction. This ensures our legal representation aligns with your vision.

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Should you hire Avenue Law Firm, you can rest assured that you are getting top rated legal representation every step of the way. We know how important it is to understand your rights and responsibilities in every transaction, and we are here to help.  Call us today if you need legal assistance or advice in regards to real estate transactions, personal injury law, or business law.

How Much Does a Manhattan Commercial Real Estate Attorney Cost to Hire?

It’s understandable for anyone entering Manhattan’s commercial real estate market to worry about the potential cost of hiring legal representation. However, no matter what your transaction entails, you are most likely to secure maximum value on either side of the transaction when you have legal counsel you can trust advising you. The Avenue Law Firm has extensive experience in the commercial real estate markets of New York City, and we offer personalized boutique-level legal counsel to every client we assist.

When it comes to the cost of legal representation, most attorneys will bill their clients hourly. The longer an attorney works on a client’s case, the more the attorney charges the client. When facing what will probably be an expensive commercial real estate transaction, it’s logical to want to ensure all your funds are well spent. Consider your choice to hire an experienced Manhattan commercial real estate attorney as an investment in the success of your transaction. The Avenue Law Firm will carefully review our billing policy with you before any contracts for representation are signed, so there are no unwelcome surprises at the case’s conclusion.


Peter is an absolute professional who takes pride in what he does, communicates effectively and promptly, and genuinely cares about his clients. We feel very fortunate to have worked with Petro to close on our apartment in Manhattan. He led us through the process and has even taken the time to answer our questions after deal closing. He provides excellent legal services at a very reasonable price. Highly recommend him and his team.
Marra A
This firm went above and beyond to secure a real estate contract for us. They were so detail oriented and added beneficial clauses that I did not know existed. It really left me feeling a strong sense of security with the contract. I will absolutely be using them again.
George P
Peter Zinkovetsky is my go-to attorney for all my real estate needs! This year we used his law firm for two real estate transactions (NYC and Hamptons) and couldn’t be happier. The entire team is extremely responsive, knowledgeable, and super easy to work with. Look no further!
Igor B.
Excellent service! I had Peter Zinkovetsky for my co-op apartment sale, and the entire process was easy and smooth. He is knowledgeable, helpful, responds immediately and his team is great as well. I highly recommend him!
Dmitry S
The firm worked very hard to secure the terms we needed for our fitness studio. Regardless of the barriers the landlord put in our way they fought him tooth and nail and now we have an incredible fitness facility thanks to their uncompromising service!
Fitness Boutique

What to Expect From a Manhattan Commercial Real Estate Attorney

The Avenue Law Firm has extensive professional experience in the commercial real estate markets of Manhattan and the other boroughs of New York City. When you select our firm to represent you in any commercial property transaction, you can expect client-focused and responsive legal counsel through every phase of the process. For example, if you are buying commercial property for business purposes, we can help ensure the property you purchase meets your needs and helps your business grow. If you’re investing in commercial property with the intention of leasing, we can provide valuable advice that helps you maximize the return on your investment.

Our firm can also provide comprehensive legal support to sellers in the Manhattan commercial real estate market. We’ll assist you in accurately valuing your property so you can secure the best possible purchase price. In addition, our team can help you approach closing procedures with peace of mind and help you complete your transaction efficiently.

It’s natural to have concerns about an impending commercial property transaction, especially in a market as unpredictable as Manhattan, NY. If you are concerned about getting maximum value for a commercial real estate purchase, wish to sell commercial property in Manhattan, or need to resolve any legal dispute regarding a commercial property in the area, we can help. The Avenue Law Firm has the professional resources and experience you need to understand the details of your transaction in clearer detail and make more informed decisions about a commercial property transaction in Manhattan. To speak with a Manhattan commercial real estate attorney, contact the Avenue Law Firm today and learn more about the legal services we offer; schedule your consultation today.

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